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About Big and Tall Associates

Big and Tall Associates (BATA) has been considered the premier buying organization for Big & Tall menswear since its founding in 1972. Spearheaded by the visionary Paul Daube and a handful of innovative menswear retailers at a meeting in Philadelphia, PA, the organization became known in our industry as The Daube Group, and was headquartered in the Chicago area. The name of the fledgling group was a testament to Paul Daube’s leadership and his relentless pursuit of BATA’s goal. That goal was and continues to be the pursuit of buying power for the independent Big & Tall retailer, which translates to more selection for the Big & Tall consumer.

As part of a natural transition to closer oversight, BATA started to use its official name more extensively over the past 10 years. This was an effort to clarify the fact that the retailers’ association was fully engaged in the management of group business, and to prepare for the eventuality of Paul’s leaving. Unfortunately, that happened much too soon when Paul Daube died unexpectedly in May 2007.

BATA holds 2 major buying shows per year in conjunction with the Chicago Collective at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois. There, BATA members can shop many manufacturers of menswear in all categories, from mom-and-pop innovators to the largest corporate producers . All BATA vendors are scrutinized by BATA’s Board of Directors and Merchandise Committee before they are accepted to show in the BATA area of the Collective in February and August each year.

Consumers who visit BATA-member stores can be assured of quality big and tall goods and exceptional customer service from experienced merchants.

BATA's next show will be held July 31, August 1, August 2 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday), in conjunction with the Chicago Collective at the Chicago Merchandise Mart, downtown Chicago. For more show information, click here for the Chicago Collective website (
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